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I believe in the thought that you don't necessarily need an occasion to take photographs.  Every moment of time is precious, and deserves to be documented because it never will be repeated.  In that regard, I like to think of photography as a visual diary.  I have never been one to write (I've tried), so I've frequently turned to photographs to remind me of the feeling, the space, or the overall story that was happening in that moment.  I could look back at a photograph and usually remember all that happened at that time.  

Hi, I'm Liz, the eyes behind elizabeth leeann photography.  I have been playing around with this hobby for the last 8 plus years of my life, and have never looked back.  It is my creative outlet outside of my full time job that fulfills me to no end.  I like to think I've always been a visual person and an appreciator of all that's around me, specifically the aesthetically pleasing things.  If I'm given the task to photograph for someone or an event I do not take it lightly.  Genuine, unforced, natural images are what I strive for, and my goal is to understand you or the moment candidly in order to provide an outcome that is consistent with this philosophy.  

Pausing Time is a Hobby of Mine

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